Information About Tornado Safe Rooms

Tornados can be extremely destructive. In fact, if a tornado hits your house, there is a chance that your entire home could be levels. This is because some of the fastest winds on Earth are found in tornados, and they can exceed 200 miles per hour. If you happen to be in a house that is destroyed or seriously damaged by a tornado, it is possible that you could suffer serious injuries or even be killed. Luckily, it is possible to find a tornado safe room that can protect you from them.

How Often Do Tornadoes Occur In Texas?

Texas is one of the more tornado prone regions of the country, and some parts of the state are part of the infamous Tornado alley. The northeastern region of the state is particularly Tornado prone. An average of 5.7 tornadoes per 10,000 square miles occurs in the state of Texas. This makes Texas the 11th most tornado prone state in the entire country. Texas is also quite prone to the strongest tornadoes (f4 and f5 storms). The state has the third highest incidence of f4 and f5 tornadoes in the country, and 30 such storms have hit the state since 1950.

Protecting Yourself With A Tornado Safe Room:

Tornado safe rooms are the best way to protect people in your home. Even if your home is destroyed, there is a great chance that everyone in the tornado safe room will survive unharmed. They are designed to withstand more than just the high winds that occur during a tornado, but they also can withstand impacts from flying debris that can occur during a tornado.

What Should I Look For In A Tornado Safe Room?

You should ensure that the room is large enough to fit everyone who lives in the house. This will be the most important factor to consider. Additionally, make sure that the tornado safe room has been reviewed well. You can check for these reviews online. Additionally, it is important that the safe room will be able to withstand a wind speed of at least 250 miles per hour. Also, check to see that the door opens inward rather than outward.

It also is a good idea to make sure that the safe room comes from a well known manufacturer. Prior to buying a safe room, do a significant amount of research into the brand. To do this, you can look for reviews of the company online.

Where Should I Place The Tornado Safe Room?

Ideally, you should find a tornado safe room that is located inside the home. This will make it possible to get inside of an interior safe room much more quickly. If it is possible, one of the best places to place a safe room is in the basement of a home. The basement already offers a certain degree of protection from a tornado on its own. Therefore, the tornado safe room will have an additional layer of protection. Another great area to place a tornado safe room is in an interior room. Find an area that is not likely to be flooded during a storm to place the safe room. If it is not possible to have a tornado safe room in your home, it can be placed on the exterior of the house. However, always ensure that it is in a place where you will be able to easily get to it if a storm hits.